Aussie of the Month




Each month one student from each level of the school – Junior, Middle & Senior - is selected to receive the Aussie of the Month Award.

The Award acknowledges outstanding performance in such areas as: Behaviour, Work Effort or Social Interaction with others.

A photograph of the students is displayed in the school foyer and a certificate and badge is presented to them at the School Assembly.





Sarah C has a kind and friendly attitude towards all members of the class. She is always eager to help her peers and adults. Sarah is a motivated student who strives to improve in her learning.

Isla Mc A has an enthusiastic attitude towards school and her leadership in the choir. She is always willing to help peers and teachers and tries her best with all activities.  Isla is very responsible and shows her determination when faced with challenges. Well done Isla!

Jessica L is a dependable and responsible learner who has excellent work habits and consistently contributes to class discussions. She is a positive role-model and is encouraging in her interaction with others. Her friendly, respectful and warm personality make Jessica a fantastic asset to our school.





Isabella A demonstrates dedication and enthusiasm for any task or challenge put to her. She is well respected in our class for her academic abilities but more for her kindness, compassion and friendliness towards all class members.

Emma K persists with challenges with a smile. She has beautiful manners and is willing to help teachers and friends with anything. Emma has a great work attitude and will attempt every activity. Well done Emma!

Isabella F is an enthusiastic and dedicated learner. She arrives at school each day prepared and ready to take on any challenge. Isabella is a caring friend to others and always strives to do her best.






Skye is a hard working and extremely caring member of the class. She consistently displays this kind and friendly nature towards everyone both in the classroom and in the yard. Skye always makes positive choices and she is always willing to help others. Skye works hard in all areas and does so with a smile.



Tegan has a keen and enthusiastic attitude to school life. She is a responsible class member, who works hard and always strives to achieve her best. Tegan is a confident contributor to classroom activities and works cooperatively with her peers. This year Tegan has developed effective leadership skills and her efforts in Wellbeing demonstrate a mature and conscientious approach to her role.

Zed is an enthusiastic learner who embraces new challenges with a positive attitude. His contributions to class discussions are numerous and very relevant, demonstrating he is listening and using critical thinking skills. Zed is respectful of others and is always willing to help a classmate. He sets a great example for all with his good attitude, motivation and behaviour.


Well done, Zed!



Alison M (1/2HT) is a responsible and considerate member of her class community. She has a wonderful attitude to her learning and always strives to do the best she can. She has an excellent understanding of our school rules and shows her support of them through her actions and support.

Isabella M (3/4M) has a mature approach towards her learning. Isabella consistently tries her best in all learning tasks and helps others when needed. She is to be commended for her persistence and positive attitude, even when faced with difficult challenges. She is a wonderful asset to the classroom. 

Jordan S (5/6K) for being a friendly and welcoming member of 5/6K. Jordan consistently displays effort during all tasks. He is a quiet achiever who displays a growth mindset. Well done Jordan. 




Bella Umana (1/2G) is an enthusiastic and dependable member of 1/2G. She can be relied on to act sensibly and with maturity in any given situation. Bella treats everyone with respect and does a great job of being inclusive of those around her, both in the classroom and on the playground. Bella is to be commended for her initiative in always thinking in solutions.

Ethan Le Roux (3/4HK) for his quiet dedication to his class work and his support and friendliness to his class mates.

Cooper Porter (5/6L) shows great persistence and determination when faced with difficult learning activities. He always gives his best effort and acts on feedback given to him. Cooper is a great friend to members of St Mary’s and is always looking out for others’ wellbeing.

Well done Cooper!


Isabel R (3/4V) shows a real eagerness to learn. She approaches learning tasks with a positive attitude and always tries her best. She will ask questions and seek reassurance when she is unsure of a task. Isabel is willing to take risks in her learning and gives her ‘best effort’. Isabel brightens up our classroom with her cheerful smile. Keep up all the wonderful things you are doing, Isabel!

Mila F (5/6C) has a determined and resolute attitude to school life. Mila is a hardworking student who applies herself diligently to all tasks. Her amiable, easygoing temperament makes her a popular class member and she works agreeably and co-operatively with her peers. Her tenacious nature is fully evident on the sporting arena where Mila’s skills, leadership and never-give-up attitude are truly valued.

Samara F (Prep S) is a friendly and quiet member of Prep S. She is extremely well behaved and always tries to do her best. Samara is kind and helpful. Without prompting, she will offer to help her classmates and is wonderful at cleaning up and keeping our classroom neat and well organised. We are very lucky to have Samara in Prep S.



Gabby K (5/6K) for consistently displaying a positive ‘can do’ attitude, not only toward her class work but to those around her. Gabby is always willing to lend a helping hand both in the classroom and in the school yard. 

Zali H(1/2N) for her excellent attitude towards her learning. Zali completes her set tasks enthusiastically and always tries her best. She is kind and considerate of her peers and is always eager to help someone in need.

Cooper D (3/4M) Cooper has shown maturity and leadership within the classroom. He has worked tremendously hard to complete all tasks to the best of his ability. He is starting to see his full potential, and with this fantastic attitude, he is unstoppable in his progress! Well done Cooper.






Jacob Y (5/6L) for being a supportive and friendly member of the class and he tackles new challenges enthusiastically and with a positive attitude. He is a role model in our class for his good behaviour and work habits. He always gets along well with others and offers support eagerly. Great job Jacob 

Hugo F (3/4HK) for his quiet dedication to his work and his friendly and supportive attitude towards all class members.

Roland H (Prep D) for having a fantastic start to school. Roland comes each day happy and ready to learn. He puts effort into every task and ensures the classroom is kept neat and tidy.



Lexie R for her mature approach towards her learning. Lexie works to the best of her ability and is always willing to help others in need. She is a wonderful asset to the classroom. 

Noah D for making an impressive effort to apply himself to his learning in all areas of the curriculum. Noah’s attitude has improved since the beginning of the year and he is now more positive which has helped his learning. He is a very happy student and his bubbly nature is a great asset to our classroom. We especially love his singing and dancing.  

Dominic C for always working very hard and giving his best in all tasks. His classroom work is very neat and of high quality. Dominic has excellent manners and is a great role model to his peers.


Thomas P for his commitment to his class work and sensible approach to all that he does. 

Mia T for her enthusiasm towards learning and ability to work well with others. Mia is always making good choices and helping at any opportunity.

Liam C for having a great attitude towards learning and always welcoming a challenge. Liam consistently tries his hardest in all tasks and helps peers to the best of his abilities. He uses his manners at all times and is a great friend to others.



Mackenzie P for her positive attitude to school life and her determined work ethic. Mackenzie is a self-motivated and resourceful student who shows initiative and perseverance in all she does. She arrives at school each day ready to learn and she tackles new challenges seriously, staying on task and working productively.

Grace M for being an enthusiastic learner who is committed to doing her best. Grace is kind and helpful to everyone in the classroom. She is a responsible student who can be depended on. When faced with challenges, Grace displays resilience and persistence. These qualities were evident on the recent Year 4 Camp.

Well done, Grace!

Amelie C for her enthusiasm for her learning and for being a happy, kind and helpful class member.



Ruby R (1 HK) for her responsible and sensible attitude towards herself both as a learner and a friend. She always tries her best with everything she does within the classroom and she shows respect for the other learners in the class. She knows how to be a good friend to all her classmates. She has a quiet and confident manner and she is able to help those who may need some extra support with friendship in the class and in the yard. She is a role model for good behaviour choices.

Rachel C (3M) for being a conscientious and hard-working student. Rachel consistently tries her best in all learning tasks and helps others when needed. She is to be commended for her persistence and positive attitude, even when faced with challenges. Everything is done with a smile! :

Livinia P (5 M) for always having a positive outlook on life and a smile on her face. Livinia is a joy to be around as she never complains, has a go at everything and leads by example by making the right choices.



Issabella L (6 L) for always being a respectful and caring classmate to her peers. Issabella constantly tries her best in all activities and helps others when needed. She is always smiling even when faced with challenges.

Matilda D (1 S) for getting along with others. Matilda is a caring and considerate member of St. Mary’s School. She shows understanding and compassion to her friends, both in the classroom and in the school yard. When someone is sad or upset, Matilda listens and is comforting. She always makes them feel better.

Lily S (3 S) for her ongoing enthusiasm towards her learning especially in the area of Mathematics. She eagerly tackles tasks with a positive attitude and is to be commended for her approach to all areas of schooling.



Isabella C for being a dependable and responsible school leader and learner. 

Isabella has excellent work habits and consistently adds to the supportive learning environment within the classroom.

She is a committed Wellbeing leader who shows initiative and perseverance.

She is a positive role-model and is thoughtful and encouraging in her interaction with others. The nature of her friendly, respectful and warm personality make Isabella an asset to St. Mary’s.

Xavier A for being a hard worker who always tries to do his best. Xavier takes great pride in his drawings and colouring. He is kind and a good friend to others. 

Ciara O’C for her gentle and polite manner. Ciara always remembers to use her manners. She works hard in class and strives to achieve her best. Ciara is a thoughtful, helpful and considerate class member.



Anthony B for being a diligent and hardworking student who gives 110% effort in all learning tasks and activities. He is kind and courteous to all class members and will always lend a helping hand to those around him. Anthony is to be congratulated for his hard-working and enthusiastic start to Term Two. Well done!

Joaquin M for being a responsible and reliable class member and always making the right choices.

Charlotte L for working extremely hard to give her best effort in all of her classroom tasks. Charlotte performs beyond expectations and always sets an excellent example of great behaviour.




Jack D for being a great leader at St Mary’s, helping those who need it and always trying his hardest at all activities.

He shows a great positive attitude towards learning.

Lucas G for completing his work to the best of his ability and taking time to ensure that it is presented neatly.

Lucas is a supportive class member who works well others.

If an issue arises, he attempts to solve the problem and find a fair solution.

Michael M for having an excellent attitude towards school and always showing respect to his peers.



Congratulations to our February Aussies of the Month 
James for his impeccable manners and for being a diligent student who shows great commitment towards his learning. 
Jade for demonstrating a positive attitude to school life, consistently trying her best and for her exemplary classroom behaviour