Learning & Teaching

Our Mission is to:

Provide a stimulating, challenging and rewarding program, which caters for individual needs, in all Key Learning Areas.

Continually review and update programs to reflect current educational trends and practices.

Ensure that all aspects of our Teaching and Learning Policy are implemented throughout the school.

St Mary’s School offers a dynamic curriculum which is based on the current standards as outlined in AusVELS.

AusVELS outlines what is essential for all Victorian students to learn from foundation level to level 10. It includes Physical, Personal and Social Learning, Discipline-based Learning and Interdisciplinary Learning.

Our school uses this comprehensive set of common achievement standards to plan student learning programs, assess student progress and report to parents.

We strive to maintain purposeful teaching that is personalised, challenging and based on high student expectation.

Physical, Personal and Social Learning

Students learn about themselves and their place in society. They learn how to stay healthy and active. Students develop skills in building social relationships and working with others. They take responsibility for their learning, and learn about their rights and responsibilities as global citizens.

Discipline-based Learning

Students learn the knowledge, skills and behaviours in the arts, English, humanities, mathematics, science and other languages.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Students explore different ways of thinking, solving problems and communicating. They learn to use a range of technologies to plan, analyse, evaluate and present their work. Students learn about creativity, design principles and processes.