Year Three & Four

Term Three, 2014


The Year 3/4 students have enjoyed exploring how different forces (push, pull) can move objects. They have made predications and observations and drawn conclusions. During reading they have been working hard to understand and discuss different aspects of texts related to inferring information. They continue to be enthusiastic about using their Writer’s Notebook to generate ideas in writing. They have explored decimals and fractions as well as the collection and representation of data as a graph. The Year 3’s received the Sacrament of First Eucharist.


Term Two, 2014 

The Year 3/4’s have enjoyed their Integrated Studies Unit ‘Sharing Our Planet’. They have investigated natural resources in our world and the positive and negative effect people’s actions can have on our environment. They have begun to take action to care for our environment through Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. In Religion, they have explored water and sanitation in our world which has linked in with their Integrated Studies investigations. They continue to read and respond to a variety of texts and are using their reading skills to help their understandings when researching for Inquiry. They have explored multiplication and division with many students practising common times tables. This term the year 3 students received their Sacrament of Reconciliation in a very reverent service. They look forward to beginning to prepare for their First Eucharist next term.

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Term One 2014


The Year 3/4’s have begun the year at a fast pace with some wonderful learning taking place. They are exploring and investigating different types of literature and responding to these in a variety of ways – double sided journal entries, art work and character profiles to name a few. They have begun collecting ‘seeds’ to use in their Writer’s notebooks to help drive their independent writing. In Mathematics, they have begun to use Learning Intentions and Success Criteria to be more specific in what they are learning and what they are required to know. Through Inquiry they have explored The First Fleet and have become whizzes at completing timelines.