Year One & Two

Term Three, 2014


The Year 1/2 students have enjoyed becoming ‘scientists’ for the term. They have investigated sources of light and sound and participated in experiments to determine outcomes when mixing different substances. They had a major focus on hypothesising, asking questing and making observations – all skills of great scientists. They continue to work hard on their writing ensuring they are setting goals to help improve it. The students have focused on multiplication and division in maths as well as telling time using analogue and digital clocks. They enjoyed learning about Australia’s first saint – St Mary of the Cross MacKillop.



Term Two, 2014 

This term the Year 1/2’s have explored ‘Creature Features’ as part of their Integrated Studies Unit. They have investigated different habitats which are homes for a variety of plants and animals. Their investigations were further developed through an excursion to the Melbourne Zoo with a lesson in the ‘Zoo School’ to explore animals and their very unique habitats. In Mathematics, they have been exploring probability where they classify and describe outcomes for familiar everyday events. They have continued to work hard on their reading and comprehension strategies and continue to enjoy listening and responding to a variety of texts. A very busy Term 2 and a much needed rest before Term 3 begins.

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Term One 2014 


The year 1/2’s have had a busy start to 2014. They have enjoyed reading and exploring the ‘Very Cranky Bear’ series of books written by Nick Bland. They have used the books to explore characters, settings, problems and solutions in narrative stories. In Writing, they are looking carefully at how procedure texts are written and have used hands on experiences like making fairy bread to help. They have worked on number facts in Mathematics, created graphs and explored money. The Year 1/2’s particularly like their time in the TRI centre to use the computers and have enjoyed exploring the functions of Microsoft Word. Through Inquiry they have looked at ‘Families Through Time’ and enjoyed exploring the difference between their childhood and the childhood of their parents or grandparents.