Grade Prep

Term Three, 2014


During this term the Prep students have really loved using toys to explore the way objects move and their features. They have then used some craft materials to make their own dinosaur that can move in some way. Very clever! They are continuing to learn all their alphabet letters and sounds as well as their M100 Words. In Mathematics, they have explored 3 dimensional objects as well as weight. They particularly enjoyed ‘hefting’ objects to see which was heavier. They loved learning about St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and celebrated her life with a great morning shared with St Leo’s Primary School.

Term Two, 2014 

This term the preps have enjoyed exploring ‘Under the Sea’ for their Integrated Studies Unit. They had a great trip to the Melbourne Aquarium where they went to explore many marine animals and their environments. They have been working hard on their writing ensuring they are using capital letters and full stops. They continue to familiarise themselves with the LetterLand characters and are beginning to read and write their M100 Words. In Mathematics, they have continued their great counting skills and have explored collecting data and making bar graphs. What a busy term of learning for our youngest school kids!

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Term One, 2014


The Preps have had a wonderful start to their school life. They have settled into their new classrooms, have made some great friends and really love their buddies. They have been busy learning their letters and numbers. They love listening to wonderful stories and are being very creative in making many characters. They have listened to bible stories about Jesus and especially like the story of the Good Shepherd and enjoyed making his many sheep.