Check out the photos of our Year 5/6 PASTA MAKING DAY.

The kids, the nonnas and the parents had a great time and all took home some pasta for tea!







Mrs. Hicks has done a wonderful job with the senior students this term. They are excited to be speaking basic Italian and are attempting to have short conversations.


We are learning about famous landmarks in Rome. I chose to research The Collusium. It was used in the Ancient Roman days. Gladiators used to fight there until someone died as a result of the battle. It would hold up to 50,000 spectators.

Daniel, 5/6 L


We have learnt the names of the main colours in Italian. Il mio colore preferito' e' rosso.

I can also greet my friends by saying buongiorno, ciao, salve and pronto when I'm on the phone.

James, 5/6L