Enrolment Policy

St. Mary's School exists to enable the Church to carry out its responsibility to provide for the baptised child a formation in faith hence priority in enrolment is given to Catholic children.

Priority of enrolment will be given to Catholic children of the parish.

The enrolment of non-Catholic children of the Parish may take place only when their enrolment would not exclude Catholic children from the school.

Enrolments into the school are taken in the following priority:

1. Children of St.Mary's Parish, Altona.

2. Other children of families already enrolled at the school.

3. Catholic children of other parishes where a special need exists, as determined by parish priest and principal.

Provided there are class places available, and allowing for any possible transfers from other Catholic schools into St.Mary's the following may be taken:

4. Orthodox children.

5. Other non-Catholic Christians where a faith environment is sought for the child.

6. Non-Christians, where a need is established by parish priest and principal.

Waiting List

Children not accepted at St. Mary's due to insufficient availability of class place will be placed on a waiting list to the 31st December of the year of application period.
If it is not possible to offer the child a place within that time it is the responsibility of the parent to reapproach the school.
Each application placed on the waiting list will be dated and priority will be given according to the criteria outlined above. (1 - 6).

Enrolment Of Non-catholic Students

  1. Non-Catholic children may be enrolled in St.Mary's School only where class sizes are within acceptable limits, as defined in the Education Service (Catholic Schools) Award.
  2. Non-Catholic children may be enrolled only after an undertaking by the parents that the nature, life and identity of the school will be respected. This undertaking will be made in writing and witnessed by Parish Priest and Principal
  3. Non-Catholic children may be enrolled only when the parish priest and the principal are in agreement on the enrolment.
  4. Non-Catholic children enrolled in accordance with the foregoing provisions have the right to complete their primary education at St.Mary's School.
  5. The parents of non-Catholic children so enrolled should be given a clear understanding that the acceptance for enrolment of their children in a parish primary school does not give them an automatic right of admission into a Catholic secondary school.
  6. Children of Orthodox Religions will be encouraged to celebrate Sacraments and other celebrations in their own church.
  7. The number of non-Catholic children enrolled at St. Mary's should be within the limits approved by the Archbishop.
  8. Non-Catholic children who wish to transfer from another Catholic School will not automatically be accepted at St. Mary's.
  9. In order to maintain the distinctive Catholic Ethos of St.Mary's, the intake of non-Catholic students will not exceed 10% of the enrolling year level.
    Orthodox children will not be included in this figure.